The ugly C word.......

I have just found out that the lump that was removed was cancerous. I see the Doctor tomorrow to find out where I go from here. I am a fighter and will get through this also.


Ms. Chan said...

Yes, you will get through this. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

jennifer robin said...

Try to stay positive! I too will keep you in my prayers. Ruth...If you need to chat, just ask, and I will send you my phone #.

Shabbby and Frills said...

Dear Ruth,

Thank You for the lovely Aloha Apron and all of the darling goodies. I got it today and was so excited.
I am so sorry for your health issues.
I will keep you in my prayers. If it is ok I would like to check in with you to see how you are. I too am awaiting a surgery that will lay me up for a while.

I thought that this interesting Your from Collinsville and we lived the first 44 years of our lives in St. Louis (Oakville in So County)
My husband worked in Sauget Ill at Ethel Corporation. We have lived in Utah for 6 years. So we are sort of from the same area. Just remember that Mid West Girls never give in and Never give up!!!. We have a lot more in common than you think. I love all the little tuck-ins you were so thoughtful. Praying for you Sussanna in Utah