The time has come......

Well it is time to hit the road back to NJ today. I hate to leave and go back to work but my other life is calling and it will be great to get a paycheck again and see my new students this fall. After a family BBQ, I am on the road again. Don't forget to sign up for my end of summer give away will be drawing a winner on September 5th.



Give away for the end of summer

It is almost the end of my summer vacation time and I will be heading back to NJ Sunday Aug 31st and then it is back to work on September 2nd. I am doing a give away of a very nice corduroy bag so leave me a comment between now and September 5th and I will choose a winner then. I am off to enjoy the rest of my summer and do some housecleaning at my little bungalow in Illinois.



Butterfly House in Chesterfield, MO

My SIL and I went to the Butterfly House in Chesterfield on Monday. I took a few photos to share with everyone. It is really a nice way to spend a few hours.


Summer gardening

My siblings and I are in the process of trying to sell my mother's estate in Edwardsville, IL. Once we do that we can settle up everything. I dug some daylilies from one of her lots and moved them to my yard.



I went and bought a tent and sleeping bags today. My brothers and sister-in-law and me are going camping in two weeks. Once we sell my mom's estate I will be able to get an ATV to ride with them. We are going to Mark Twain National Forest. Can't wait to swim in the Black River.