Workshops by..........................

On Saturday May 16th, I spend the day at two workshops given by Lisa Shepard Stewart of Cultured Expressions. On class was a bead making workshop using fabric and the other class was a bangle purse. I had such fun and got to create two new items and work with different fabric from Ghana.



I have been doing a lot of swapping lately, but what really gets me is the swap partner that does not even acknowledge getting the package. I spend time making items and paying postage mailing the packages. Is it so much to ask that you acknowledge the package and the contents. Even if you do not like the items that I have made or spend time picking out could you at least email saying you received the package. I am so disappointed in swap partners lately that do not have the common courtesy to acknowledge the swap package. This is just my rant and the sole expression of my opinion.

With that said once I complete the last two blog swaps I'm in, I am done swapping for a long while.