Swaps, Swaps and more swaps

Since I got home so late on Christmas Eve and left on Christmas day to spend a few days in Memphis, I did not get a chance to post and thank the people who had my name for some swaps that I was in. So here goes:

The snowman quilt and door hanger were from Cindy R for this swap. I love snowmen and she did a wonderful job on this. She also included a pattern for an angel (another favorite). Thanks Cindy. (4th photo)

Becca's Blog from the Left Coast Christmas Swap
The scarf was from Brenda S from Becca's Blog from the Left Coast Christmas Swap. It is wonderful and has all my favorite colors in it. It is handmade also. Thanks Brenda S.

Thanks Sharen for the wonderful swap. We had 8 items when had to include in the swap package and what we incuded was up to our interpretation. This is from an online quilting group I belong to. (3rd photo)
Thanks Lady Jane for the stocking swap. She included all kind of goodies including earrings which I wore on Christmas Eve. (1st photo)
I have one more thing to post and will do that after I meet my cousin for Dim Son this morning at Lulu's in St. Louis.


Off to my other life...

It is about break time from school and I am off to my other life 900 miles away for Christmas and family time. Have packages and cards waiting for me to open on Christmas Day. Hope to make a hop to Memphis to see Graceland for a couple of days. Merry Christmas - Peace out!



Today I spend the day with my friend who owns a quilt shop and here is what I got done. This heart quilt is for Karen in Australia and the little bag is for Denise in Maine. The bag pattern is from www.lazygirldesigns.com. I just have to make a tablerunner and 2 more purses and I will be caught up and done for Christmas.


Chookyblue's Christmas Swap............

Since I will be celebrating Christmas in the great corrupt state of Illinois, I decided to open my Christmas pressie from Australia. It was a wonderful package done by Lurline. She made a wonderful tablerunner and the little fabric basket. Got a snowman dressed in purple and everything else. Thanks, Lurline.


Happy Thanksgiving..............

It is time count our blessings ..............and wish everyone a happy holiday season.


Someones having a give away on their blog!

Christine C is having a give away on her blog. So pop on over and enter the drawing.


Also still time to pop on over to www.swap-bot.com and sign up for the New Year New Handbag swap until 11/15/08.



New Swap!!!!

I am hosting a New Year - New Handbag Swap on http://www.swap-bot.com/. So check it out. Swap deadline is January 15, 2009. Come on and check it out. I love getting new purses and handbags. The swap is posted under handmade, fabric or handbags.



Linda's Bag/Bucket Swap!!

I received a wonderful tote bag from Rachel in Australia. It is done in batiks and is fabulous. A very big thank you Rachel for the wonderful bag.


The winner is .................

The winner of the bag is ............................................

................................................. Karen please contact me with your snailmail address.

I have had a very easy week for the first week of school. I only have two students and they have only attended about 2 1/2 days because of transportation problems with the bus company. Off to quilt the entire weekend can't wait.



The time has come......

Well it is time to hit the road back to NJ today. I hate to leave and go back to work but my other life is calling and it will be great to get a paycheck again and see my new students this fall. After a family BBQ, I am on the road again. Don't forget to sign up for my end of summer give away will be drawing a winner on September 5th.



Give away for the end of summer

It is almost the end of my summer vacation time and I will be heading back to NJ Sunday Aug 31st and then it is back to work on September 2nd. I am doing a give away of a very nice corduroy bag so leave me a comment between now and September 5th and I will choose a winner then. I am off to enjoy the rest of my summer and do some housecleaning at my little bungalow in Illinois.



Butterfly House in Chesterfield, MO

My SIL and I went to the Butterfly House in Chesterfield on Monday. I took a few photos to share with everyone. It is really a nice way to spend a few hours.


Summer gardening

My siblings and I are in the process of trying to sell my mother's estate in Edwardsville, IL. Once we do that we can settle up everything. I dug some daylilies from one of her lots and moved them to my yard.



I went and bought a tent and sleeping bags today. My brothers and sister-in-law and me are going camping in two weeks. Once we sell my mom's estate I will be able to get an ATV to ride with them. We are going to Mark Twain National Forest. Can't wait to swim in the Black River.


Quiting Treasurers Trunk Show

Some photos from trunk show from New Berlin, NY quilt show on July 20th.


This is a photo of a purse I made during a class in March. I love bright colors and batiks.

Bag/Bucket Swap and vacation.

This is the fabric that I bought for my swap partners bag. It is going to be a fall theme. I have about six weeks before I return to work again after Labor Day. We went on a little vacation to New Berlin, NY for a few days and to Atlantic City, NJ. This is a picture of the Preferred Manor where we stayed in New Berlin. It was built in 1831.



I have purchased three more projects to try and finish this summer. I spend a lot of time hanging at the Quilters Cottage in Allentown, NJ and a lady had brought in her finished projects and one of them was a blue anf yellow quilt. It was fabulous and since I found a kit at Sweet Annies in Troy IL I had to have it. Above is a picture of my red, white and blue quilt from a swap from Quilting around the World group I belong to.


Its summer time and the quilting is easy.....

Finally have reached summer vacation and now I can get some quilting done. Just bought a blue/yellow lap quilt kit yesterday and can't wait to do it. I'm going quilting at church on Thursday to. Had some bad news about possible cancer scare so hopefully that will turn out alright.


It's been awhile

Update, I have started going to the local quilt shop on the weekends to sew and have actually made some progress on projects. I may even teach a class!



More fabric......

The crime of it all started cleaning up yesterday and found more new fabric and projects. Guess I will have to purge some of this fabric and still have more in storage. So went shopping and got some shamrock fabric for postcards today from Joanns. Less than a month to spring break now and a quilting retreat. I am so looking forward to this break. We have state testing in about three weeks and my kids I teach don't handle testing that well at all. So looking forward to spring now it can't get here fast enough and also my birthday on Easter Monday.



Welcome to my world....

Here I go hope this helps me to finish up some of my UFO's and I have quite a few of those. I my went to quilt store to sign up for a purse class and ended up buying another table runner to add the project list