Oh I'm so bad as I haven't thanked Cat for the pretty table runner with NOEL embroidered in the center of it. It looked lovely on my holiday dinner table and also thank you for the knitted ornaments very talented. I will add a pic when I getb home.


I received my pkg.............

I received my package for ChookyBlue's Secret Santa and my person is a very talented knitter. She sent me three knitted ornaments and one surfing Santa who is way to cute.

Ornament swap............

I did an ornament blog swap and my partner was Carole B and she is a very talented lady. She sent the neatest cell phone holder, bracelet and ornament. She does lovely work. Thank you Carole.

Shawnee Secret Santa............

My secret Santa was Sharon from http://prettypinkpins.blogspot.com and she sent me some lovely items including a apron pattern, winter theme table runner, a snow flake ornament and other things. Thank you Sharon for the nice swap package.


Good bye to Somme

My black tom cat passed away today. We had nine years together and he enjoyed spending time outside in the sunshine. Go over the rainbow bridge and enjoy chasing butterflies in the sunshine.


Here are my answers to the questionaire: What are your hobbies? quilting, sewing, reading, gardening, photography What are your favorite colors? bright colors lime green, hot pink and all shades of purple Do you collect anything? no Are you allergic to any fibers or animals? yes pumpkin flavored candy Do you have any pets? yes 2 cocker spaniels Coffee, Tea, or Chocolate? Chocolate What do you like to read? Non-fiction - mysteries, quilt magazines (No romamce novels or religious) Do you prefer Cookies or Candies as a sweet? chocolate with nuts What is your favorite holiday treat? cookies Describe your favorite holiday tradition. snowmen Did you believe in Santa as a child? yes When do you open presents? Christmas Eve Do you put up a tree and when? If not, how do you celebrate? no tree decorate seasonal with snowflakes and snowmen Does your tree have a theme? NO TREE What has been your favorite gift to give? to receive? like small purses, table runners snowmen) Like to search for something that makes the person happy. :)

Calhoun County Quilt Show

I did the quilt show again this year on October 19th. It was not a nice day weather wise as it was cold and cloudy and raining but that never stops a quilter does it. Here as some pics of the quilts : Calhoun County, like Jo Daviess County in northwest Illinois, is unique in the state in that glaciers didn’t touch it and therefore has a more rugged terrain that is dissected by valleys than the generally flat terrain associated with the rest of Illinois. Calhoun County is also located at the tip of the peninsula formed by the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers and is almost completely surrounded by water. Often referred to as the ‘Kingdom’, Calhoun County is sparsely populated with only 5 incorporated towns


Checking in...............

Life is good just working more hours at work since we are down one person so looking forward to the Calhoun County Quilt Show on Oct 19th & 20th.


Rough week and I'm in again...............

I lost two Uncles this past week on father's side and my mom's only brother. It is so sad that is the end of the Stark family Uncles. RIP Uncle Art and Uncle Luther. ======================================================================================= On a happy note this is my 5th year participating in this:


Some more pics from Chinese Lantern Festival. The dragons were made of china plates and cups while the Chinese junk was made from recycled plastic water bottles.



So I participated in the FRIENDS swap that Khris from sewprimkhris.blogspot.com hosted. My partner was Elle Taylor. She was not a good partner because I had to contact her too many times to even get a thank you on the nice box I had put together for her. My box was wrapped very nicely and what I received was wrapped in newspaper. The supposely second box was ok but didn't have a lot of thought in it. I received F - four stack mini storage container R - raspberry honey mustard pretzel dip I - InkJoy pens E - elephant accent N - napkins D - onion blossom horseradish dip S - rubber stamps camping theme Thanks.

More pics Lantern Festival..........

Here are some more pics from Lantern Festival................

Chinese Latern Festival

The Missouri Botanical Garden had a Chinese Lantern Festival and we went on August 18th. It was great weather and the displays were lovely. Enjoy!


My Annie..............

Here is the Annie I made for Aunt Pitty Pat's Americana Annie swap.


An Art Adventure..................

I took a little trip with the garden club and we went to Ballwin, MO to an art studio where the couple make things out of everyday items. So here are a few pics...........


What's blooming in around here................

It is hot and so very dry here in the midwest but some of my daylilies did not disappoint. We need rain so bad.


This and that

I have passed my first mammogram clear. It will be one year on July 5th of being first diagnosed with it!!! Life is moving on ................



I just did the first mammogram after my cancer treatments last fall so I'm waiting on the results confident but still anxious.


Life is so.......

Yes I have been missing for a while but after an extended vacation, I have returned to work again. It feels great but I am slowly getting adjusted to the real work again.


MOBOT Orchid Show 2012

The orchid show this year was fabulous based around a Chinese garden. The orchids were beautiful.


Holiday display at Shaw's Garden in St, Louis

Just a few photos from Holiday show at Mobot loved it this past year so nice and colorful. Can't wait for the orchid show.