Slow mo this summer.....

My where has the summer gone?? I have been sick and very lax this summer but I have to get it in gear since it is back to work in a little over two weeks. So here are some photos from this summer so far. The shots are from the Missouri Botanical Garden and the famous ketchup bottle in the town I live in in Illinois. The day lillies are from my back yard.


Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Ruth, I have come by to tell you I have given you an award.. I know some folks are award free blogs, but I just wanted you to know I love your blog :)

Pomona said...

Hi Ruth - Great to meet you - I am your partner in the letter writing swap on A Bun Can Dance. Perhaps you could email me with your address so I know where to send my letter!

Pomona x

juanitatortilla said...

Hi Ruth! I'm your other letter-writing swap partner, organised by A Bun Can Dance! Echoing Pomona here: it would be nice if we could start e-mailing each other our snail-mail address to get things started :)
P.S. My email address can be found on my blog, at the side bar. Looking forward to hearing from you!

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hi Ruth
Clearly I am a bear of very little brain... I got the links muddled for the swap as there are 2 "Ruths" involved!! Sorry!! I had originally matched you with Juanita Tortilla, but if you have already made contact with Pomona, drop me a line and I'll point Ruth from the UK, in the right direction to somebody else!
Denise x

Pomona said...

Sorry Ruth - I got the wrong Ruth! Juanita Tortilla is your partner, and I have another Ruth! Really sorry about the mix-up, but good to discover your blog anyway!

Pomona x